About This Project

Location Monaco

Context International Student Competition

Area 12 000 m²

Program Housing, Office

Satus 1st Prize Competition


Monaco sea front is a geophysical condition, beautifully located on the slopes of the coastal mountains. The immerged tower – like an iceberg – is a direct answer to the sprawl. It is an extension of the city onto the water. The ambition of Archipeleago is to end the current phase of architectural idolatry – the age of the icon. Instead of an architecture of form and image, it’s a reinterpretation of architecture not invested in effect, but in a structural and conceptal logic that offers a new kind of performance. Now the shape of hard core architecture is refinded under the water.
It’s an ultimate invisible object of the urban development: the building lives with the water, in the middle of bay of Monaco. Its uses, its circulations, its activities, gathered and offer a special relationship to the see, and the landscape. Its principle is a prolongation of the cost, a new architectural version of a city.