Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne

About This Project


Location Lausanne

Context International Competition

Area 20 000 m²

Program Museum

Satus: Competition


Can architect perform more like an archaeologist, scrupulously examining the current conditions, and proposing new forms of organization that allow each element to enjoy renewed value?
The MCBA is not only a project: it is a concentration of different issues that can only be resolved successfully by taking a more comprehensive approach – What is Culture?
Once, exhibition and storage formed a single whole. Then they drifted apart. The MCBA will condense the idea of storage into a central encyclopedic plateau. This architecture will express the floor-by-floor storage and stacking as well as something durable and solid.
Starting from this position the museum will be conceived as a magnet attracting the art-lovers of Lausanne and from out of town. Imagine an almost Utopian condition where culture can be told as a single and simultaneous narrative showing moments of chronological coincidence, autonomy, influence and convergence.
Our responsibility – for us, architects – is to make sure that we do not just make spaces in order to contemplate the visual but that we create spaces where we are able to exchange
and test our knowledge.